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State Special Olympics HQ

Follow along here to keep up with Repmo athletes as they compete at the Missouri Special Olympics Indoor State Games.

Note: A big thank you to coach Scott Weis and all the parents who sent photos and results this weekend! And thank you to Mark Nelson and Southern Sun Electric for sponsoring our Special Olympics coverage. 

t Senior McKae Geronimi (with her mother Jill) was recognized this weekend as she played her final Repmo basketball game.

Basketball Gallery 3

Basketball Gallery 2


Bronze medalists

Day 2: Basketball

Republic Tiger Paws lost their 3-on-3 opener 20-4. Eric Whillock and Bret Kies each scored two points for Republic.

Basketball Action Shot Gallery


Doubles medalists Lauren Cook and Ciara Johns-Gold.


Photo Gallery: Afternoon Session

Eric Whillock also brought home a bowling gold.

Kali Dawson picked up a gold medal.

Results Update: Samuel Ard, 1st place; Christian Ard, 2nd place; Kaden Hill, 3rd place.


Dougie Keys captured a bowling Gold Medal.


Update: Bowling Video Clips

Update: Game One Scores

Samuel Ard 101, Christian Ard 111, Kaden Hill 62

Bowling Photo Gallery


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