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DateSportLevelWinning TeamW ScoreLosing TeamL ScoreArticle TitleArticle Link
May 15SoccerVarsityNixa4Republic1Republic’s Soccer Resurgence Ends in District Semifinal – Republic Tiger
May 15BaseballVarsityNeosho2Republic1Tigers’ District Hopes Dashed in Extra-Inning Defeat to Neosho – Republic
Tiger Sports
May 11SoccerVarsityRepublic4Ozark3Republic Rides Roller Coaster to 4-3 Overtime Win
May 10BaseballFreshmanNixa6Republic0
May 10BaseballFreshmanRepublic5Nixa3
May 10BaseballJVRepublic3Marshfield1
May 10BaseballVarsityMarshfield12Republic7
May 7BaseballJVNeosho9Republic6
May 7BaseballVarsityRepublic14Neosho0Tigers Crush Wildcats in COC Road Game
May 7SoccerJVOzark8Republic0
May 7SoccerVarsityRepublic1Ozark0Republic’s Resilience Rewarded with Late Winner at Ozark – Republic Tiger
May 6BaseballJVRepublic8Ozark0
May 6BaseballVarsityRepublic5Ozark2White, Ellison Deliver No-Hit Gem for Republic
May 4BaseballJVNixa6Republic1
May 4BaseballJVWillard8Republic1
May 3BaseballJVSmith-Cotton9Republic8
May 3BaseballVarsityRepublic9Smith-Cotton7All-Senior Starting Lineup Stars in Senior Night Win
May 3BaseballFreshmanKickapoo8Republic0
May 3BaseballFreshmanKickapoo5Republic1
May 2SoccerJVRepublic3Neosho1
May 2SoccerVarsityRepublic7Neosho1Republic Seniors Shine in Senior Night Victory Over Neosho – Republic Tiger
May 1BaseballJVRepublic13Carl Junction3
May 1BaseballVarsityCarl Junction13Republic8Tigers’ 12 Hits Not Enough to Tame Bulldogs
April 30SoccerJVNixa6Republic1
April 30SoccerVarsityNixa2Republic1Nixa Holds Off Republic, Takes Inside Track to COC Title – Republic Tiger
April 30BaseballJVNixa8Republic5
April 30BaseballVarsityRepublic8Nixa5White’s Pitching Prowess Propels Republic to 8-5 Win
April 30TennisJVOzark5Republic4
April 30TennisVarsityRepublic5Ozark4Crosby Clinches Republic’s 5-4 Win Over Ozark
April 29TennisJVRepublic7Catholic0
April 29TennisVarsityRepublic7Catholic2Tigers Honor Unconventional Senior Class with Win over Irish – Republic
Tiger Sports
April 29BaseballJVRepublic14Bolivar1
April 29BaseballVarsityRepublic10Bolivar1Lozano, Anderson Stymie Bolivar in 10-1 Rout
April 27BaseballFreshmanRepublic16New Covenant Acad.1
April 27BaseballFreshmanBranson6Republic5
April 27BaseballJVKickapoo7Republic6
April 27BaseballJVKickapoo11Republic7
April 27SoccerVarsityHickman4Republic2Soccer Win Streak Ends in Saturday Loss
April 26SoccerVarsityRepublic2Capital City0Perfect 10: Lady Tigers Strut Into Record Book with 2-0 Win – Republic
Tiger Sports
April 25TennisVarsityRepublic8Neosho1
April 25SoccerVarsityRepublic3Carl Junction1Redman Leads Republic in Record-Tying 9th Straight Win – Republic Tiger
April 25SoccerJVCarl Junction1Republic0
April 24BaseballFreshmanAurora7Republic6
April 24BaseballFreshmanRepublic16Aurora2
April 23SoccerVarsityRepublic5Branson0Lady Tigers Roar to Eighth Straight Win, Blank Branson 5-0 – Republic Tiger
April 23SoccerJVRepublic3Branson0
April 23BaseballJVBranson12Republic6
April 23BaseballVarsityBranson2Republic1White’s Pitching Gem Plundered by Pirates at Branson
April 23TennisVarsityNixa5Republic4
April 22BaseballFreshmanRepublic4Rolla3
April 22BaseballFreshmanRepublic20Rolla3
April 20SoccerVarsityRepublic7Capital City4Scoring Surge Continues as Lady Tigers Win 7th Straght – Republic Tiger
April 20BaseballVarsityKearney6Republic5
April 20BaseballVarsityPark Hill S.6Republic5
April 19BaseballFreshmanRepublic7Ozark6
April 19BaseballFreshmanRepublic4Ozark3
April 18SoccerVarsityRepublic5Carthage0Lady Tigers Stay Hot, Breeze Past Carthage on Cold, Windy Night – Republic
Tiger Sports
April 18SoccerJVRepublic4Carthage3
April 18TennisVarsityRepublic8Carl Junction1
April 17TennisJVRepublic7Glendale2Varsity Tennis Bounces Back; JV Wins Lebanon Tourney
April 17TennisVarsityRepublic4Glendale0
April 17BaseballFreshmanRepublic9Carthage2
April 17BaseballFreshmanRepublic12Carthage3
April 17BaseballJVRepublic8Carthage3
April 17BaseballVarsityRepublic12Carthage1Harrington’s Historic Performance Carries Tigers to Victory – Republic
Tiger Sports
April 16SoccerVarsityRepublic9Joplin0Record-Setting Soccer Rout: Nine Goals, Eight Scorers, One Dominant Half –
Republic Tiger Sports
April 16SoccerJVRepublic6Joplin2
April 16BaseballJVRepublic1Joplin0
April 16BaseballVarsityRepublic7Joplin6Tigers Homer Twice and Hold On Late for COC Win
April 16TennisJVBranson9Republic0Branson Outplays Republic in COC Tennis Battle
April 16TennisVarsityBranson6Republic5
April 15BaseballFreshmanRepublic9Joplin2
April 15BaseballFreshmanRepublic12Joplin5
April 12BaseballJVLebanon5Republic3
April 12BaseballVarsityLebanon12Republic2Yellow Jackets Sting Tigers in Run-Rule Win
April 12BaseballFreshmanRepublic5Glendale4
April 12BaseballFreshmanGlendale6Republic5
April 12SoccerVarsityRepublic2Harrison0Shootout Shutout: Republic Defense Hobbles Goblins in 2-0 Win – Republic
Tiger Sports
April 11TennisVarsityRepublic7Carthage2Republic Tennis Bounces Back, Trounces Carthage
April 11TennisJVRepublic5Carthage4
April 11BaseballVarsityWebb City2Republic1Webb City Rallies Late to Top Republic 2-1
April 11BaseballJVWebb City9Republic6
April 11BaseballFreshmanWebb City7Republic0
April 11BaseballFreshmanRepublic11Webb City4
April 11SoccerJVWebb City3Republic0
April 11SoccerVarsityRepublic4Webb City0Republic’s Redman Leads Charge in Webb City Rout
April 9BaseballJVRepublic19Willard7
April 9BaseballVarsityWillard2Republic1Missed Chances Sink Republic in 9-Inning Home Loss
April 9SoccerVarsityRepublic3Willard2See Ball, Get Ball: Gibbs Delivers Double OT Game-Winner – Republic Tiger
April 9SoccerJVWillard3Republic1
April 9TennisVarsityJoplin8Republic1
April 9TennisJVRepublic12Joplin2
April 6BaseballVarsityRepublic13Nevada3Hughes’s Heroics Lead Republic to Smith-Cotton Tournament Title – Republic
Tiger Sports
April 6SoccerVarsityRepublic3Lebanon0Republic Bounces Back with 3-0 Win Over Lebanon
April 5SoccerVarsityGlendale1Republic0
April 5SoccerJVRepublic3Glendale0
April 5BaseballVarsityRepublic2Smith-Cotton1
April 5BaseballVarsityRepublic7Battle3
April 4TennisVarsityRepublic7Webb City2Tennis Team Whips Webb for 1st Win
April 4TennisJVRepublic11Webb City5
April 4SoccerVarsitySpr. Catholic1Republic0
April 4BaseballVarsityRepublic7Russellville2Easy, Ryder: Davis Piles up 10 Strikeouts in Win
April 3BaseballVarsityRepublic16Kickapoo6Out of Control: Republic Bats & Kickapoo Pitchers Go Wild in 5th Inning
April 3BaseballJVKickapoo13Republic2
April 3BaseballFreshmanNeosho9Republic7
April 3BaseballFreshmanRepublic10Neosho1
April 2TennisVarsityWillard6Republic3Doubles Woes Sink Republic Tennis in COC Match
April 2TennisJVWillard8Republic7
April 1SoccerJVKickapoo3Republic0
April 1SoccerVarsityKickapoo2Republic1
March 30BaseballFreshmanRepublic14Branson4
March 30BaseballFreshmanRepublic5Branson3
March 30BaseballVarsityLee's Summit N7Republic6
March 29BaseballJVNixa17Republic7
March 29TennisJVRepublic7Central6
March 29TennisVarsityCentral7Republic2Tennis Tigers Look to Bounce Back from Loss to Central – Republic Tiger
March 29BaseballJVOzark7Republic1
March 29BaseballVarsityRepublic7Oak Park6
March 29BaseballVarsityLee's Summit W8Republic7
March 28SoccerVarsityRepublic2Smith-Cotton0Lady Tigers Rebound with “True Team Effort” in 2-0 Win – Republic Tiger
March 28SoccerJVSmith-Cotton3Republic0
March 28BaseballVarsityLiberty North13Republic0Tiger Bats Silenced in Loss to Liberty North
March 27BaseballVarsityRepublic9Kennett0White Whiffs 10 in Complete-Game Gem
March 26SoccerVarsityGlendale2Republic1Republic’s Progress Evident Despite Hard-Fought Loss at Glendale – Republic
Tiger Sports
March 26SoccerJVGlendale7Republic1
March 25SoccerVarsityRepublic8Parkview0Lugar’s Hat Trick Lifts Republic to 3rd Straight Win to Open Season –
Republic Tiger Sports
March 25SoccerJVRepublic8Parkview0
March 22BaseballJVRock Bridge10Republic7
March 22BaseballJVRepublic14New Cov. Academy1
March 22BaseballVarsityRepublic8Skiatook, OK2Tigers Heat Up to Beat Skiatook as Temps Take a Dive
March 21SoccerVarsityRepublic3Rogersville0Pitch Perfect: Lady Tigers Dominate Rogersville in Shutout Win – Republic
Tiger Sports
March 21SoccerJVRogersville3Rogersville1
March 21BaseballVarsityGlendale3Republic2Tigers Suffer 2nd Extra-Inning Loss in 3 Games vs. Glendale – Republic
Tiger Sports
March 21BaseballJVGlendale15Republic9
March 20BaseballVarsityRepublic15Monett1Hendrickson, Tigers Make Quick Work of Monett
March 20BaseballJVRepublic10Monett2
March 20BaseballFreshmanRogersville9Republic8
March 20BaseballFreshmanRepublic16Rogersville6
March 19BaseballVarsityRepublic7Rogersville2
March 19BaseballJVRogersville6Republic5Rogersville Thwarts Republic Comeback with Extra-Inning Walk-Off – Republic
Tiger Sports
March 18SoccerJVRepublic7Rolla2
March 18SoccerVarsityRepublic3Rolla1Lady Tigers Shine in Season-Opening Win Over Rolla
March 16BaseballVarsityRock Bridge10Republic6
March 16BaseballVarsityRepublic2Rolla1
March 16BaseballFreshmanRepublic6Rogersville2
March 16BaseballFreshmanKickapoo9Republic3
March 15BaseballFreshmanRepublic15Rolla0
March 15BaseballJVRepublic16Hillcrest1
March 15BaseballVarsityRepublic11Hillcrest1Republic Opens Season on High Note with 11-1 Rout of Hillcrest – Republic
Tiger Sports
March 4Girls BBVarsityKickapoo54Republic52Heavyweight Heartbreak: Kickapoo Nips Republic in District Final – Republic
Tiger Sports
March 1Girls BBVarsityRepublic53Nixa49Sweet 16: Republic Tops Nixa; Reaches Round of 16 with 16th Straight Win –
Republic Tiger Sports
February 29Boys BBVarsityGlendale66Republic63Shots Won’t Fall in Tigers’ Season-Ending Loss to Glendale – Republic Tiger
February 28Girls BBVarsityRepublic64Willard30Republic Blitzes Willard, Extends Win Streak to 15 in District Opener –
Republic Tiger Sports
February 23Boys BBVarsityRepublic60Carl Jct43Republic Surges Past CJ to Capture Senior Night Win
February 23Boys BBJVRepublic69Carl Jct39
February 23Boys BBFreshmanRepublic57Carl Jct35
February 22Girls BBVarsityRepublic47Carl Jct41Remarkable Rally Seals Perfect COC Season on Senior Night – Republic Tiger
February 22Girls BBJVRepublic62Carl Jct19
February 22Girls BBFreshmanRepublic51Carl Jct17
February 20Boys BBVarsityWillard70Republic56Willard Lights Up Republic from Long Range to Secure Win – Republic Tiger
February 20Boys BBFreshmanRepublic64Willard26
February 20Girls BBVarsityRepublic57Willard33Republic Stifles Willard, Secures Share of COC Title with Win #20 –
Republic Tiger Sports
February 20Boys BBJVRepublic63Willard40
February 20Girls BBJVRepublic54Willard14
February 16Boys BBVarsityRepublic82Neosho32Tigers Fly Past Neosho
February 16Boys BBJVRepublic56Neosho30
February 16Boys BBFreshmanRepublic63Neosho35
February 15Girls BBVarsityRepublic76Neosho29Lady Tigers Roar to Lopsided Win
February 15Girls BBJVRepublic58Neosho2
February 13Boys BBVarsityRepublic63Ozark36High-Flying Hagewood Helps Republic Rout Ozark
February 13Boys BBJVRepublic55Ozark51
February 13Boys BBFreshmanRepublic76Ozark66
February 12Girls BBVarsityRepublic45Ozark31In the Zone: Adjustments Help Republic Take Down Ozark in Defensive COC
February 12Girls BBJVRepublic49Ozark36
February 12Girls BBFreshmanRepublic36Ozark17
February 9Boys BBVarsityRepublic77Webb City65Cardinals Pull Away in OT to Spoil Republic Courtwarming – Republic Tiger
February 9Boys BBJVRepublic56Webb City37
February 9Boys BBFreshmanRepublic63Webb City28
February 8Girls BBVarsityRepublic51Webb City28Lady Tigers’ Defense Smothers Webb City for COC Win
February 8Girls BBJVRepublic66Webb City23
February 8Girls BBFreshmanRepublic51Webb City20
February 7Girls BBVarsityRepublic57Fair Grove54Republic Rallies Past Fair Grove for 9th Straight
February 7Girls BBJVRepublic57Fair Grove54
February 7Girls BBFreshmanRepublic47Fair Grove25
February 6Boys BBVarsityNixa57Republic46Fourth Quarter Turns Rematch to Nixa
February 6Boys BBFreshmanRepublic51Nixa39
February 5Girls BBVarsityRepublic59Nixa58High Drama at Home: Lady Tigers Stage Electrifying Comeback to Top Nixa –
Republic Tiger Sports
February 5Girls BBJVNixa70Republic66
February 2Girls BBVarsityRepublic65Carthage36Blades’s Blazing Start Helps Keep Lady Tigers’ Win Streak Alive – Republic
Tiger Sports
February 2Boys BBVarsityCarthage60Republic41Early Lead Evaporates in Loss at Carthage
February 2Girls BBJVRepublic54Carthage26
February 2Boys BBJVRepublic48Carthage30
February 2Girls BBFreshmanRepublic42Carthage12
February 2Boys BBFreshmanRepublic57Carthage43
January 30Boys BBVarsityRepublic67Branson49Dead-eye Douglas Dazzles in Decisive Road Win
January 30Boys BBFreshmanBranson63Republic58
January 29Girls BBVarsityRepublic53Branson47Defense, Post Players Pick Up the Slack in a Tough Win at Branson –
Republic Tiger Sports
January 29Girls BBJVRepublic47Branson31
January 29Girls BBFreshmanRepublic32Branson29
January 27Boys BBVarsityHelias50Republic47Republic Comeback Effort Falls Short in Tournament Title Game – Republic
Tiger Sports
January 27Boys BBJVRepublic68Bolivar43
January 26Boys BBVarsityRepublic51Strafford34Brenley Hagewood Hits 1,000-Point Milestone in Republic’s Semifinal Triumph
– Republic Tiger Sports
January 26Boys BBJVRepublic47Strafford30
January 25Girls BBVarsityRepublic76Strafford59Republic’s Rally Rocks Strafford; Lady Tigers Roar to Home Win – Republic
Tiger Sports
January 25Boys BBJVRepublic46Camdenton41
January 25Girls BBJVRepublic62Strafford36
January 25Boys BBVarsityRepublic55Camdenton24Republic Routs Camdenton with Defensive Dominance, Steps into Semifinals –
Republic Tiger Sports
January 20Girls BBVarsityRepublic60Marshfield55Republic Holds off Late Charge to Capture Tournament Title – Republic Tiger
January 20Boys BBFreshmanRepublic54Ozark32
January 19Boys BBVarsityKickapoo59Republic37Kickapoo Stifles Tigers in Non-Conference Battle
January 19Boys BBJVKickapoo49Republic42
January 19Boys BBFreshmanKickapoo51Republic49
January 19Girls BBVarsityRepublic55Nixa53Comeback Sends Republic to Nixa Invitational Title Game – Republic Tiger
January 18Girls BBVarsityRepublic58Cape ND45Pesky Lady Tigers Pester Bulldogs in Tourney Win
January 18Boys BBFreshmanNixa47Republic40
January 17G WrestlingVarsityRepublic36Parkview24
January 17G WrestlingVarsityRepublic48Hillcrest12
January 17B WrestlingVarsityRepublic81Parkview0
January 17B WrestlingVarsityRepublic76Hillcrest3
January 17B WrestlingVarsityRepublic78Hollister6
January 17Boys BBFreshmanRepublic44Joplin30
January 12Boys BBVarsityRepublic60Joplin42Hagewood Heats Up, Tigers Pull Away from Joplin
January 12Boys BBFreshmanRepublic49Joplin21
January 11Girls BB8th ARepublic49Nixa20
January 11Girls BB8th BRepublic30Nixa10
January 11Girls BBVarsityRepublic78Joplin21Lady Tigers Jolt Joplin with 27-0 Run to Win COC Opener – Republic Tiger
January 11Girls BBJVRepublic66Joplin12
January 11Girls BBFreshmanRepublic37Joplin22
January 11Boys BBVarsityRepublic60Joplin42
January 11Boys BBJVRepublic54Joplin19
January 11Boys BBFreshmanRepublic59Joplin14
January 11Girls BB8th BRepublic30Nixa10
January 10Girls BB8th ARepublic54Ozark30
January 10Girls BB8th BRepublic38Ozark18
January 6Girls BBFreshmanFair Grove38Republic28
January 6Girls BBFreshmanRepublic34Clever15
January 4Boys BBJVRepublic48Kickapoo38
January 4Girls BB8th ARepublic64Lebanon1
January 4Girls BB8th BRepublic48Lebanon1
January 3Boys BBFreshmanRepublic55Rogersville22
January 3Girls BBJVRepublic38Ozark32
January 3Girls BBFreshmanOzark29Republic27
January 2Boys BBVarsityCentral78Republic47Bulldogs Bulldoze Republic at ‘The Pit’
January 2Boys BBFreshmanRepublic58Central13
January 1Girls BBJVRepublic38Ozark32
December 30Girls BBVarsitySkyline53Republic41Skyline Tops Republic in Pink & White
December 29Girls BBVarsityRepublic68Clever39
December 29Boys BBVarsityNixa59Republic48Nixa Pulls Away in 4th to win Blue & Gold Title
December 28Boys BBVarsityRepublic54Willard37Crunch Time Crackdown: Republic Wrangles Willard in 4th Quarter to Advance
to Finals
December 28Girls BBVarsityGlendale52Republic43Lady Tigers Fall Short Against Glendale in Pink & White Classic
December 27Girls BBVarsityRepublic64Mt Vernon25Republic Defense Smothers Mt. Vernon in Pink & White Opener – Republic
Tiger Sports
December 27Boys BBVarsityRepublic59Spr. Catholic44Tigers Ice Irish to Advance to Semis
December 26Boys BBVarsityRepublic71Buffalo51Tigers Muscle Past Buffalo and Into Tournament Quarterfinals – Republic
Tiger Sports
December 19Girls BBJVKickapoo64Republic56
December 19Boys BBJVGlendale83Republic66
December 19Boys BBFreshmanRepublic63Glendale35
December 19Girls BBFreshmanRepublic22Kickapoo18
December 18Boys BBFreshmanRepublic62Parkview38
December 18Boys BBJVParkview77Republic62
December 18Girls BB8th ARepublic35Willard29
December 18Girls BB8th BWillard28Republic23
December 16Girls BBVarsityRepublic47Jeff City34Lady Tigers Clip Lady Jays to Win Tournament
December 16Girls BBJVRepublic36Fair Grove21
December 16Girls BBJVRepublic64Nixa40
December 15Boys BBVarsityRepublic75Bolivar40Tiger Team Effort: Five Tigers Score Double Figures in Rout of Bolivar –
Republic Tiger Sports
December 15Boys BBJVRepublic67Bolivar50
December 15Boys BBFreshmanRepublic66Republic42
December 15Girls BBVarsityRepublic51Col. Battle49Lady Tigers Eke Out a Win Over Battle
December 14Girls BBVarsityRepublic49Blue Spr South36Republic’s Strong Start and Tough Defense Seal Win Over Blue Springs South
– Republic Tiger Sports
December 14Boys BBFreshmanRepublic58Nixa45
December 14Girls BB8th ARepublic42Branson38
December 13Girls BBJVRepublic50Ozark18
December 12Boys BBVarsityRepublic62Hillcrest60Uhl’s Second-Half Surge Powers Republic to Victory Over Hillcrest –
Republic Tiger Sports
December 12Boys BBJVRepublic63Hillcrest54
December 12Boys BBFreshmanRepublic61Hillcrest18
December 12B WrestlingVarsityRepublic50Branson30Tiger Wrestlers Sink Pirates for COC Win
December 12G WrestlingVarsityBranson42Republic30
December 12Girls BB8th A (COC)Republic44Webb City27
December 11Girls BBVarsityEl Do. Springs63Republic56El Dorado Springs Outlasts Lady Tigers to Stay Unbeaten – Republic Tiger
December 11Girls BBJVRepublic35El Do. Springs20
December 11Girls BB8th A (COC)Republic71Carthage7
December 9Girls BBFreshmanRepublic38Carthage27
December 9Boys BBVarsityRepublic87Ruskin51
December 8G WrestlingVarsityOzark57Republic12
December 8B BasketballVarsityRepublic87Ruskin51Republic Rips Ruskin in 3rd-Place Game
December 7B WrestlingVarsityWillard41Republic29
December 7B WrestlingVarsityRepublic43Ozark33
December 7B BasketballVarsityOlathe South60Republic36Olathe South Runs Away from Tigers
December 6Girls BB8th ARepublic48Carl Junction11
December 6Girls BB8th BRepublic25Carl Junction4
December 6Girls BBFreshmanWest Plains28Republic20
December 5Girls BBFreshmanRepublic51Parkview11
December 5B BasketballVarsityRepublic59Lawrence, KS47Strong Second Half Powers Tigers in Tourney Opener
December 5Girls BB8th ARepublic41Cherokee31
December 4B BasketballFreshmanRepublic54Ozark33
December 2Boys BBVarsityRepublic58Hillcrest53Hagewood Leads Tigers to Win Over Hillcrest
December 2B BasketballFreshmanRepublic46Glendale38
December 2Girls BBVarsityRepublic52Broken Arrow48Lady Tigers Shock Broken Arrow with Big Finish
December 1FootballVarsityCardinal Ritter38Republic25Tigers Fall Short in Title Bid; Cardinal Ritter Outraces Republic to Win
Class 5 Championship
November 30Girls BB8th ARepublic48Neosho8
November 30Girls BB8th BRepublic20Neosho0
November 30B BasketballVarsityRolla57Republic53Tiger Comeback Hits Wall Against Rolla
November 30G BasketballVarsityKickapoo64Republic46Kickapoo Pulls Away from Republic at Willard Tourney
November 29B BasketballFreshmanOzark47Republic45
November 29Girls BBVarsityRepublic64Blue Springs48Balanced Republic Blasts Blue Springs
November 29Girls BBJVNixa57Republic49
November 29B BasketballVarsityRogers57Republic512nd Half Cold Spell Sinks Tigers in Opener
November 28G WrestlingJVWaynesville6Republic0
November 28B WrestlingJVRepublic54Waynesville24
November 28G WrestlingVarsityWaynesville66Republic6
November 28B WrestlingVarsityRepublic52Waynesville25Republic Wrestling Opens Season with Road Win
November 28Girls BBJVRepublic46Willard23
November 27Girls BBJVRepublic53Strafford41
November 27B BasketballFreshmanRepublic64Hillcrest35
November 25FootballVarsityRepublic21Webb City20Tigers Topple Webb City, Earn First-Ever Show-Me Bowl Berth – Republic
Tiger Sports
November 21Girls BB8th AStrafford52Republic31
November 21Girls BB8th BStrafford4Republic3
November 20B BasketballFreshmanRepublic71Rogersville38
November 20Girls BB8th ARepublic38Branson20
November 20Girls BB8th BRepublic34Branson28
November 18FootballVarsityRepublic28Helias21Garrett’s Gallop Sparks 1st-Half Explosion; Tigers Topple Helias to Earn
Semifinal Berth
November 16Girls BB8th ARepublic60Joplin12
November 16Girls BB8th BRepublic52Joplin2
November 14Girls BB8th ARepublic51Webb City17
November 14Girls BB8th BWebb City17Republic10
November 10FootballVarsityRepublic35Lebanon32Decisive Defense and Methodical Offense Lead Republic to Quarterfinals
After 28-Year Wait
November 3FootballVarsityRepublic35Willard14Republic Earns Another District Title Shot with a Convincing Win over
October 30SoccerVarsityGlendale6Republic2Improved Effort Falls Short in Season-Ending Soccer Loss – Republic Tiger
October 27FootballVarsityRepublic42Parkview6Stable of Repmo Running Backs Stampede Parkview
October 25SoccerJVRepublic4Kickapoo1
October 25SoccerVarsityRepublic2Kickapoo1Momentum Shifts as Republic Overcomes Early Setback to Beat Kickapoo –
Republic Tiger Sports
October 24SoccerVarsityWebb City5Republic0
October 24SoccerJVWebb City1Republic0
October 23FootballJVRepublic28Lamar16
October 23VolleyballVarsityKickapoo3Republic1
October 21VolleyballVarsityRepublic3Glendale1Lady Tigers Overcome Early Struggles to Oust Springfield Glendale in
District Opener
October 21SoccerJVRepublic1Waynesville0
October 21SoccerJVRepublic2Central0
October 20SoccerJVGlendale3Republic0
October 20FootballVarsityRepublic26Carl Junction0Nothing Fancy in Republic’s “Ground & Pound” Win
October 19Football7th ARepublic36Neosho12
October 19Football7th BRepublic58Neosho0
October 19SoccerVarsity (OT)Rogersville4Republic3Senior Night Heartbreak: Soccer Tigers Push Rogersville to the Limit in 4-3
October 17SoccerVarsityRepublic2Willard0Republic Soccer Bounces Back with Shutout of Willard; JV Sets Win Mark –
Republic Tiger Sports
October 17SoccerJVRepublic7Willard1
October 16FootballFreshmanNixa30Republic8
October 16FootballJVNixa37Republic28
October 16SoccerVarsityGlendale8Republic8
October 16SoccerJVRepublic1Glendale1
October 14SoftballVarsity (Dist.)Nixa5Republic4Resilient Republic Softball Falls Short in District Semifinals Against Nixa
– Republic Tiger Sports
October 13FootballVarsityNixa31Republic28Last-Second Field Goal Lifts Nixa Past Republic
October 12SoftballVarsity (Dist.)Republic8Lebanon1Lady Tigers Roar Past Lebanon, Eye District Semifinal Against Nixa –
Republic Tiger Sports
October 12SoccerVarsityRepublic5Bolivar1Tigers End Skid, Break Out Against Bolivar
October 12SoccerJVRepublic3Bolivar0
October 12VolleyballVarsityRepublic25 25 25Carthage14 13 17Volleyball Seniors Step Up in Regular-Season Finale
October 12VolleyballJVRepublic25 25Carthage23 23
October 12VolleyballFreshmanCarthage25 25Republic10 21
October 12Football8th ARepublic28Branson0
October 12Football8th BRepublic14Branson0
October 12Football7th BRepublic12Branson6
October 12Football7th ARepublic34Branson0
October 10SoccerVarsityNeosho2Republic1Neosho Holds Off Short-Handed Tigers
October 10SoccerJVRepublic1Neosho0
October 10VolleyballVarsityRepublic25 22 25 25Branson18 25 19 10Republic Puts Away Pirates with Big 4th Set
October 10VolleyballJVRepublic25 25Branson20 21
October 10VolleyballFreshmanBranson20 19Republic25 25
October 9FootballJVRepublic44Branson12
October 9FootballFreshmanRepublic22Branson21
October 9SoftballVarsityRepublic6Seneca5
October 6FootballVarsityRepublic35Branson25Stingy Defense, Woods’ Five Touchdowns Plunder Pirates – Republic Tiger
October 6SoccerVarsity (OT PKs)Rolla5Republic4
October 6SoccerJVRepublic4Rolla0
October 6SoftballVarsityRepublic15Lebanon0
October 6SoftballJVRepublic4Lebanon1
October 5Football8th ARepublic22Nixa6
October 5Volleyball8th ARepublic25 25Carthage19 15
October 5Volleyball8th BRepublic25 25Carthage19 9
October 5Volleyball7th ACarthage25 17 15Republic13 25 9
October 5Volleyball7th BCarthage25 25Republic11 13
October 5Football7th ARepublic22Nixa6
October 5Football7th BNixa20Republic8
October 5VolleyballVarsityRepublic25 25 25Webb City15 21 16Volleyball Team Adds COC Road Win
October 5VolleyballJVRepublic25 25Webb City18 23
October 5VolleyballFreshmanWebb City25 18 15Republic10 25 13
October 5SoccerVarsityRolla5Republic4
October 5SoccerJVRepublic4Rolla0
October 4TennisDistrictsNixa5Republic3“Our Best Tennis:” Republic Falls Short in District Championship – Republic
Tiger Sports
October 3SoccerVarsityOzark8Republic0
October 3SoccerJVOzark6Republic2
October 3VolleyballVarsityNixa25 25 16 25Republic22 15 25 22Republic Falters After Strong Start in COC Loss
October 3VolleyballJVNixa25 25Republic9 5
October 3VolleyballFreshmanRepublic25 15 15Nixa22 25 13
October 3SoftballVarsityRepublic5Ozark3Watson, Richerson Spark Republic Over Ozark
October 3SoftballJVOzark5Republic2
October 3TennisVarsityRepublic5Lebanon1Tennis Team Whips 2nd-seeded Lebanon, Advances to District Championship –
Republic Tiger Sports
October 3Volleyball8th ANixa25 25Republic22 15
October 3Volleyball8th BRepublic21 25 15Nixa25 19 13
October 3Volleyball7th BNixa25 25Republic17 6
October 3Volleyball7th ANixa25 25Republic20 8
October 2Volleyball7th ARepublic24 25 15Joplin26 16 10
October 2Volleyball7th BRepublic26 25Joplin19 9
October 2Volleyball8th ARepublic25 25Joplin15 16
October 2Volleyball8th BRepublic25 25Joplin11 12
October 2SoftballJV/CRepublic14Kickapoo5
October 2SoftballJV/CKickapoo5Republic1
October 2TennisDistrictsRepublic5Waynesville0Lady Tigers Open District Tournament with Sweep of Waynesville – Republic
Tiger Sports
October 2FootballJVRepublic44Joplin35
October 2FootballFreshmanRepublic58Joplin14
September 30VolleyballVarsityRepublic25 25 25Bolivar17 12 16
September 30VolleyballVarsityRepublic25 25 25Strafford18 15 12
September 30VolleyballJVRepublic25 25Strafford8 15
September 30VolleyballJVRepublic25 25Strafford15 17
September 30SoccerVarsityJackson7Republic2
September 30SoftballVarsityWebb City6Republic5
September 30SoftballVarsityKickapoo4Republic0
September 30SoftballVarsityRepublic12Liberty11
September 29FootballVarsityRepublic38Joplin15“Good American Football:” Tigers Flatten Joplin with Complete Performance –
Republic Tiger Sports
September 29SoftballVarsityRepublic2Marion C. Early1
September 29SoftballVarsityRepublic3Camdenton1
September 29SoccerVarsity (2OT)Cap. City1Republic0
September 28VolleyballVarsityRepublic3Carl Junction2Resilient Republic Rallies to Secure Victory Over Carl Junction – Republic
Tiger Sports
September 28VolleyballJVRepublic2Carl Junction1
September 28VolleyballFreshmanCarl Junction2Republic0
September 28SoftballVarsityRepublic8Carthage7Seniors Make a Mark on their Senior Night Victory
September 28SoftballJVRepublic6Carthage2
September 28SoccerVarsityRepublic4Monett2New-Look Defense Anchors Win for Republic
September 28SoccerJVRepublic4Monett1
September 28Volleyball8th ACarl Junction2Republic0
September 28Volleyball8th BRepublic2Carl Junction0
September 28Volleyball7th ARepublic2Carl Junction1
September 28Volleyball7th BCarl Junction2Republic1
September 27TennisJVBranson5Republic3
September 27TennisVarsityBranson6Republic3
September 26SoccerVarsityNixa1Republic0Republic Falls to Nixa in Tightly Contested Shootout
September 26SoccerJVRepublic1Nixa0
September 26VolleyballVarsityRepublic3Joplin0Republic Sweeps Joplin for Seventh Straight Volleyball Win – Republic Tiger
September 26VolleyballJVRepublic2Joplin1
September 26VolleyballFreshmanRepublic2Joplin0
September 26SoftballVarsityBranson10Republic2Branson Drops Republic in COC Softball Battle
September 26SoftballJVRepublic12Branson1
September 26TennisJVRepublic13Ozark10
September 26TennisVarsityRepublic9Ozark0
September 26Volleyball7th ABranson25 25Republic11 23
September 26Volleyball7th BBranson25 25Republic18 19
September 25TennisVarsityRepublic5Bolivar4Lady Tigers Tennis Team Picks Up Key Late-Season Win
September 25FootballJVRepublic38Willard13
September 25FootballFreshmanRepublic40Willard12
September 23Volleyball8thRepublic25 25Hickory Hills12 17
September 23Volleyball8thRepublic26 25Rogersville24 17
September 23Volleyball8thRepublic25 25West Plains16 14
September 23Volleyball8thRepublic25 25Pershing17 8
September 23Volleyball8thRepublic25 25Reed10 9
September 23Volleyball8thRepublic25 21Camdenton23 25
September 23Volleyball7thCherokee25 23 15Republic22 25 7
September 23Volleyball7thRepublic25 25West Plains10 18
September 23Volleyball7thRepublic25 25Pershing14 19
September 23Volleyball7thRepublic25 25Reed14 12
September 23Volleyball7thRepublic10 25Camdenton25 20
September 22FootballVarsityRepublic21Willard20Strong D and Clock Management Key in Republic’s 21-20 Homecoming Win –
Republic Tiger Sports
September 21TennisVarsityRepublic7Carthage2
September 21SoccerVarsityRepublic5Central1Hat Trick Plus One: Stiglianese Powers Republic Past Central – Republic
Tiger Sports
September 21VolleyballVarsityRepublic25 25 25Neosho13 10 9Team Effort Powers Lady Tigers to Sixth Consecutive Win Against Neosho –
Republic Tiger Sports
September 21VolleyballJVRepublic25 25Neosho10 17
September 21VolleyballFreshmanRepublic25 25Neosho14 8
September 21Volleyball8th ARepublic25 25Willard7 15
September 21Volleyball8th BRepublic25 25Willard10 5
September 21Volleyball7th ARepublic23 25 15Willard25 21 12
September 21Volleyball7th BRepublic25 25Willard18 23
September 21SoftballJVRepublic1Webb City0
September 21SoccerJVRepublic4Central0
September 21SoftballVarsityWebb City12Republic3Webb City Takes Control in Third Inning to Defeat Republic – Republic Tiger
September 21VolleyballFreshmanRepublic25 25Neosho14 8
September 19VolleyballVarsityRepublic25 25 25Willard14 12 17Republic Volleyball Tops Willard for 8th Win in 9 Games – Republic Tiger
September 19VolleyballJVWillard15 25 15Republic25 21 13
September 19VolleyballFreshmanRepublic25 25Willard6 12
September 19SoccerVarsityCarl Junction1Republic0Bulldogs Bite Republic in OT
September 19SoccerJVRepublic8Carl Junction1
September 19SoftballVarsityNixa6Republic4Republic’s Late Rally Falls Short in Rain-soaked Battle Against Nixa –
Republic Tiger Sports
September 19SoftballJVNixa5Republic1
September 19Volleyball8th ARepublic25 25Webb City12 20
September 19Volleyball8th BRepublic25 25Webb City3 9
September 19Volleyball7th ARepublic25 12 15Webb City21 25 8
September 19Volleyball7th BWebb City25 25Republic10 17
September 19TennisVarsityRepublic2 (Susp. by rain)Branson2
September 19Football7th BWebb City20Republic8
September 19Football7th ARepublic0Webb City0
September 18TennisVarsityRepublic5Glendale4Lashley Seals the Deal in Republic’s Nail-Biting Victory – Republic Tiger
September 18TennisJVRepublic10Glendale1
September 18FootballJVRepublic50Neosho26
September 18FootballFreshmanRepublic64Neosho8
September 16SoftballVarsityRepublic10William Chrisman0
September 16SoftballVarsitySmithville6Republic4
September 16VolleyballVarsityRepublic2Ft. Smith Southside0
September 16VolleyballVarsityRepublic2Carthage0
September 16VolleyballVarsityRepublic2Bryant0
September 16VolleyballVarsityRepublic2Bentonville0
September 15FootballVarsityRepublic56Neosho21Republic Shakes Off Early Fumble to Steamroll Neosho
September 15SoftballVarsityPark Hill5Republic4
September 15SoftballVarsityMid-Buchanan5Republic1Republic Wastes Fast Start in Tournament Softball Loss – Republic Tiger
September 14Volleyball8th ARepublic25 25Neosho13 8
September 14Volleyball8th BRepublic25 25Neosho5 9
September 14Volleyball7th ARepublic25 25Neosho20 23
September 14Volleyball7th BRepublic20 25 15Neosho25 23 6
September 14SoftballJVRepublic10Carl Junction0
September 14Football8th ARepublic22Ozark0
September 14VolleyballVarsityOzark25 22 25 25Republic23 25 20 20Ozark Stymies Republic in COC Battle
September 14VolleyballJVOzark25 25Republic19 22
September 14VolleyballFreshmanOzark25 25Republic16 13
September 14SoccerVarsityRepublic8Parkview0Republic Soccer Matches 2023 Win Total with Dismantling of Parkview –
Republic Tiger Sports
September 14SoccerJVRepublic2Parkview1
September 14TennisVarsityRepublic9Webb City0Repmo Tennis Honors Seniors, Sweeps Webb City
September 14SoftballVarsityRepublic3Carl Junction0Elsenraat’s Shot Powers Republic Win, 3-0
September 12Football7th ARepublic38Ozark6
September 12SoccerVarsityRepublic1Branson0Soccer Tigers Shut Down Branson, Earn COC Shutout on the Road – Republic
Tiger Sports
September 12SoccerJVRepublic0Branson0
September 12Football7th BRepublic14Ozark0
September 12SoftballVarsityRepublic11Joplin7Richerson, Lady Tigers Outslug Joplin
September 12SoftballJVRepublic4Joplin0
September 12Volleyball7th AOzark25 25Republic11 18
September 12Volleyball7th BOzark25 25Republic15 3
September 12Volleyball8th AOzark25 25Republic21 11
September 12Volleyball8th BRepublic25 27Ozark21 25
September 12TennisVarsityNixa5Republic4
September 11VolleyballFreshmanRepublic25 25Central7 22
September 11VolleyballJVRepublic22 25 25Central25 15 19
September 11VolleyballVarsityRepublic25 25 25Central5 11 11Fast Start, Fast Finish; Republic Sweeps Central
September 11FootballFreshmanRepublic26Webb City16
September 11FootballJVRepublic28Webb City13
September 11TennisVarsityCarl Junction6Republic3
September 9VolleyballJVRepublic25 30Heritage, Ark.10 28
September 9VolleyballVarsityRepublic25 25 25Heritage, Ark.9 13 17Repmo Volleyball Sweeps Out-of-State Visitors Heritage – Republic Tiger
September 9SoftballVarsityRepublic6Rolla2
September 9SoftballVarsityRepublic8Sullivan4
September 8SoftballVarsityRepublic16Locust Grove0Richerson’s Slam Sparks Republic; Softball Bats Awaken to Open Tourney –
Republic Tiger Sports
September 8SoftballVarsityRepublic4Marquette2
September 8SoftballVarsityGrain Valley9Republic3
September 8SoccerVarsityRepublic3Camdenton0
September 8SoccerJVRepublic3Camdenton2
September 8FootballVarsityWebb City42Republic21Tigers Stumble in High-Profile Matchup with Webb City – Republic Tiger
September 7Football8th ARepublic12Willard12
September 7SoftballVarsityNeosho3Republic0Neosho’s Emery Shuts Out Republic
September 7VolleyballFreshmanCamdenton17 25 25Republic25 23 21
September 7VolleyballJVRepublic23 25 25Camdenton25 15 19
September 7VolleyballVarsityRepublic20 25 25 25Camdenton25 10 16 20Republic Volleyballers Dock Lakers in Four Sets
September 7SoftballJVRepublic10Neosho0
September 6SoccerJVRepublic4Spr. Catholic1
September 6SoccerVarsityRepublic4 (PK 5)Spr. Catholic3 (PK 4)Tigers Hang In, Hang First Loss on Irish
September 6SoftballJVWillard7Republic2
September 6TennisVarsityRepublic7Central2
September 6TennisJVRepublic16Central5
September 5Football7th BRepublic26Willard6
September 5Football7th ARepublic54Willard0
September 5SoftballVarsityWillard8Republic7Willard Comes Back, Drops Republic in 8th Inning
September 5SoccerJVRepublic3Joplin0
September 5SoccerVarsityJoplin3Republic2
September 5TennisVarsityRepublic8Joplin1
September 5TennisJVRepublic25Joplin1
September 5VolleyballFreshmanRepublic25 25Glendale23 17
September 5VolleyballJVRepublic23 25 15Glendale25 19 12
September 5VolleyballVarsityGlendale25 25 24 25Republic20 19 26 22Willard Comes Back, Drops Republic in 8th Inning
September 5SoftballJVWillard3Republic2
September 4FootballFreshmanRepublic34Ozark21
September 4FootballJVRepublic44Ozark0
September 1SoftballVarsityPerry, OK8Republic2
September 1SoftballJVRepublic4Perry, Okla.0
September 1SoccerJVRepublic2Kickapoo0
August 31VolleyballVarsityKickapoo25 20 25 22 15Republic15 25 15 25 9
August 31TennisVarsityRepublic9Neosho0
August 31B SwimmingVarsityWebb City119Republic56
August 31SoccerJVSmith-Cotton3Republic0
August 31SoccerVarsityRepublic4Smith-Cotton0Road Shutout Marks 1st Soccer Win
August 31FootballVarsityRepublic41Ozark14Republic Overcomes Slow Start to Rip Ozark
August 31SoftballJV/CNixa11, 14Republic0, 0
August 30SoftballVarsityRepublic5Marion C. Early0Shutout and Steals: Another Win for Republic Softball – Republic Tiger
August 30SoftballJVMarion C Early2Republic1
August 30TennisVarsitySpr. Catholic8Republic1
August 30TennisJVSpr. Catholic13Republic5
August 29TennisVarsityRepublic5Willard4Republic Tennis Opens COC Slate with Win
August 29VolleyballFreshmanRepublic25, 25Lebanon14, 21
August 29SoccerJVCarthage3Republic0
August 29SoccerVarsityCarthage3Republic1Slow Start Sinks Republic at Carthage
August 29TennisVarsityRepublic5Willard4
August 29VolleyballJVLebanon25 27Republic10 25
August 29VolleyballVarsityRepublic21 25 25 25Lebanon25 17 11 20Finley’s 26 Kills Propel Republic Past Lebanon
August 28VolleyballFreshmanRogersville25-, -25, 15-Republic-15, 27-, -13
August 28VolleyballJVRogersville-21, 25-, 15Republic25-, -11, -12
August 28VolleyballVarsityRepublic25-, 25-, 25-Rogersville-21, -11, -12Republic Volleyball Rallies to Three-Set Victory Over Rogersville –
Republic Tiger Sports
August 28FootballJVRepublic54Carthage28
August 28FootballFreshmanCarthage28Republic8
August 28TennisJVRepublic40Nixa36
August 26SoccerVarsityWaynesville5Republic2
August 26VolleyballVarsityRepublic2Reeds Spring0
August 26SoccerJVWaynesville2Republic1
August 26VolleyballVarsityRepublic2SCA0
August 26VolleyballVarsityRepublic2Parkview0
August 26VolleyballVarsityRepublic2Strafford0
August 26VolleyballVarsityRepublic2Lebanon0
August 26VolleyballVarsityFair Grove2Republic0
August 26SoftballVarsityRepublic11Carthage1
August 26SoftballVarsityRepublic2Sherwood0
August 26SoftballVarsityCamdenton5Republic0
August 25SoccerVarsityWaynesville5Republic2
August 25SoccerJVWaynesville2Republic1
August 25TennisVarsityGlendale5Republic2
August 25TennisVarsityRepublic5Central1
August 25FootballVarsityRepublic20Carthage14Defensive Stand Secures Another Milestone Win
August 25SoftballVarsityRepublic12Hartville0Lady Tigers Blast Hartville in Opener