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Left to right: EmmaLee Essary, Kailey Manes, Kaemyn Bekemeier, Claire Esther.

Four Lady Tigers Finalize College Commitments

Four Republic Lady Tigers committed to college sports programs in a ceremony at Republic High School Wednesday. Kaemyn Bekemeier will play basketball at Missouri State University. EmmaLee Essary will play softball at Chipola College. Claire Esther and Kailey Manes will both play volleyball at the University of Texas-Tyler.

Kaemyn Bekemeier – Missouri State University (Basketball)

Why Missouri State?

I picked Missouri State just because my family is near and I have a big support system, and I would love for them to be able to watch me. Also because Springfield loves Missouri State and everyone’s always cheering them on. So being able to know I’m going to… have the community’s backing and to be able to represent the state I’ve always lived in, instead of the town, is going to be really fun.

What are you going to take from your time as a Lady Tiger?

Not to take anything for granted, because it’s gone by really fast. It’s been so much fun, and sometimes it’s a little stressful, but most of the time it’s a lot of fun. And definitely just to work as hard as you can before you get here.

What are you looking forward to the most about playing college basketball?

How serious everyone’s going to be about it. I think having everyone being able to go there because they love the game and they have a passion for it… I think that will make everyone just be a step more serious.

You always want to be a part of something in high school, whether it’s clubs or sports, but being able to do that in college is going to be fun.

And then just traveling the world with my teammates.

EmmaLee Essary – Chipola College (Softball)

Why Chipola?

It’s a great transfer college. It’s a D-1 juco. During the fall in their off-season, they play LSU, Clemson, Auburn, Arizona. This is a school that’s really going to help me get to where I want to be, and that’s hopefully play in a College World Series for the NCAA.

What are you going to take from your time at Republic?

I’m going to take all the friends that I’ve made here, (and) the experiences. Coach Dishman and Stolte have showed me so much, especially with taking me in at such a young age. They’ve really shown me how to grow as a player and as a person.

What are you looking to the most about college softball?

The new friends and the competition. I’m really excited about this amazing competition and all the new things I’ll be able to learn.

Claire Esther – University of Texas-Tyler (Volleyball)

Why UT-Tyler?

It’s always been a school I’ve been interested in, even before they reached out to me to recruit me. I love the area in Texas, and it’s a super competitive program. My main reason is just because it’s going to be super challenging, and that’s what I want. I want to push myself. So when Kailey (Manes) committed, I’m like, ‘Okay, this is just meant to be.’

You were only in Republic for two years, but what will you take away from your time at this program?

I’d say how welcoming everyone was. They just made me feel like I was part of the team Day One. I came in for an open gym… and I just felt like I was part of the team then and there.

What are you looking forward to the most about college volleyball?

Probably just playing at that next level (and) playing more competitive teams. I’m also just super excited to meet all my new teammates and get coached by these amazing coaches.

Kailey Manes – University of Texas-Tyler (Volleyball)

Why UT-Tyler?

I always had this feeling that I wanted to go somewhere not super far, but out of state. So when UT-Tyler reached out, I was like, ‘Well, it’s Texas. Texas is a fun state.’ I also chose UT-Tyler because they have such a competitive conference and they’ve always ranked high in their conference. Last year, they… made the Sweet 16, so I thought they can only get better from there. And I really wanted to be a part of that.

What will you take from your time at Republic?

Trying new positions and stepping out of my comfort zone. My freshman year, we needed a right side (hitter), and I told Coach Davis, ‘Well, I’m not a right side hitter,’ and she was like, “Well we need a right side hitter, so someone has to step in.” So I stepped out of my comfort zone… and I ended up doing fine. Then my senior year, I had to step in with setting, so that was also out of my comfort zone. I hope to keep pushing myself to keep going out of my comfort zone at UT-Tyler, doing whatever their coach needs me to do to make the team better.

What are you looking forward to the most about college volleyball?

I’m definitely looking forward to the friendships and the competition. I feel like college volleyball is a huge difference to high school volleyball, and just being able to experience (that) while playing volleyball in Texas sounds like fun to me.

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