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Off The Field: Career Day

We’ll step Off the Field to take a closer look at some of the Republic students who are competing in non-sports activities. Our report is brought to you by State Farm Agent Sarah Rader. Talk to her about how you can save money by combining your home and auto insurance.

by Olivia Skeans

Republic High School DECA and FBLA students participated in Silver
Dollar City’s annual Career Day on September 26.

Business students from all across both Missouri and Arkansas had
the opportunity to network through the conference. Three
educational sessions, led by panels of speakers with backgrounds in
business, were available to attend: Ace the Application, Quatics
and Foods, and Marketing and Public Relations. Students were given
the opportunity to ask questions and discuss information related to
each talking point.

“The event was beneficial because the students heard from the actual
experts and professionals managing the business and had the
opportunity to network and ask questions. The timing was great
because the marketing classes had just finished a unit on the
marketing mix – product, price, place, and promotion,” explains
DECA Adviser Ronda Middleton. ”Students got to see the
connection and relevancy that what they learn in the classroom is
practical and exactly what is happening in the real world. They
also learned a great deal about the importance of public relations
and branding.”

Middleton says that the Marketing and Public Relations session can
directly relate to managing and running Tiger Grounds, a
marketing-student run shop located in the high school.

“They can
apply product design and development concepts, pricing strategies,
placement and distribution tactics, and promotion and publicity

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