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Tennis Tigers Advance To District Title Round
Jared Zane returns a shot as doubles partner Drew McMillin watches at the net during the district semifinal.

Republic made quick work of Carthage in a district semifinal at home Tuesday, winning 5-0. Republic overcame a slow start in two of its three doubles matches to start the night, recovering from early deficits to grab a 3-0 lead as singles began.

In singles play, Isaac Jordan and Jared Zane each won their matches to clinch the best-5-of-9 victory. In district play, all other matches are stopped when one team wins its fifth and deciding match. Republic led in three of the remaining four matches when play ended.

The Tigers advance to the district championship match against top-seeded Joplin Wednesday. It’s the fifth consecutive year that the boys tennis team in Republic had advanced at least to the district title match.

1. Jordan/Berry d. Ortega/Tany 8-3
2. Cook/Thornhill d. Smith/Guzman-Guerra 8-3
3. McMillin/Zane d. Garrido Reyes/Parnell 8-4

1. Isaac Jordan d. Silas Smith 6-4, 6-0
2. Will Berry lead Colby Tandy 6-5 (stopped)
3. Julian Garrido Reyes lead Jack Cook 6-4, 1-1
4. Kile Thornhill lead Julian Garrido Reyes 7-6 (7-4)
5. Drew McMillin lead Jaben Parnell 6-4, 4-0
6. Jared Zane d. Cesar Guzman Guerra 6-0, 6-2

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