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Off The Field: State Music Competition
The RHS girls sextet received a gold. It was the fourth gold in four years for the same senior group.

We’ll step Off the Field to take a closer look at some of the Republic students who are competing in non-sports activities. Our report is brought to you by State Farm Agent Sarah Rader. Talk to her about how you can save money by combining your home and auto insurance.

by Olivia Skeans

They’re known for creating the classic gameday atmosphere and the singing of the national anthem before tip-offs and kickoffs, but their expertise doesn’t stop there. This week, we take a look at the recent accomplishments of the music programs at Republic High School.

On April 27 & 28, Republic’s band and choir sent a combined 90 students to compete against all other qualifying schools at the Missouri State Chorale and Band Competition held in Columbia on the University of Missouri campus.

All students first had to qualify by earning a 1 [gold] rating on their performances at districts in order to compete at State. Junior Jade Callahan qualified for three pieces she prepared for band.

“There are around 200 people total in band, but only 32 of us ended up qualifying for State this year for ensembles and solos. The competition is good at districts, but State really is the best of the best.”

Of those who went on to compete at State, 22 members were awarded a 1-rating for either a solo or ensemble, including Callahan’s solo and saxophone sextet. “I was really surprised when we got the results, but I couldn’t be happier,” she says.

Republic’s Choir raised the bar by having a record high number of students qualify for the state competition — 58 earned 1 ratings at districts. Their accomplishments didn’t stop there — the program ended up with 25 students bringing home at least one superior rating [gold medal] in a solo/ensemble performance. Senior Ashton Lairmore was one of those students.

“At State we did awesome. I honestly am really proud of everyone and feel really good about how we’ve done,” Lairmore says. “Myself, I got three golds, which is the highest you can get. It was pretty cool, because I didn’t really expect it.”

Lairmore says the 2018 State competition was a way for the senior Tigers to end their career on a high note (no pun intended): “It’s senior year. I just wanted to have fun, and that’s how it went, so I was happy with that. I’m really excited, because I see a lot of talent in the underclassmen, and I’m excited to see where they’ll go. I’m really proud of the seniors too, because we’ve stuck with it the whole way and have definitely grown a lot since we started.”

Band Results

-Noah Pool, flute solo   Silver
-Jali Purcell, piano solo   Silver
-Kyleigh Swindle, Sean Carter, Caleb Creech,   tuba trio   Silver
-Maggie Moncado,  tenor sax solo   Silver
-Garrett Manasco, trombone solo   Silver
-Hannah Brown, Jade Callahan, Jordan Sjomeling, Olivia Piekarski, Rosie MIkaelian, Emily Wheeler,     sax sextet    Gold
-Noah Johnson, Taylor Edwards, Brock McNabb, Jackson Brown, AJ Bolin, Emily Sanchez,  percussion sextet   Gold
-Brock McNabb, marimba solo   Gold
-Dawson Schneringer, French horn solo,   Silver
-Jade Callahan,  alto sax solo,   Gold
-Garrett Manasco, Kiara Eaton, Logan Bissey, Trenton Meeks, trombone quartet   Gold
-Noah Pool, Brenda Latamondeer, Jade Callahan, Sofia Capua, Noah Richards,   woodwind quintet   Silver
-Jacob Mitchell,  tuba solo,   Gold
-Mattison Garbee,  marimba solo,    Silver
-Sofia Capua, clarinet solo,  Gold (with personal remarks from the judge)
-Mariah Vasquez,  trumpet solo,   Gold
-Audra Houser, trumpet solo,    Silver
-Abby McKee,  alto sax solo,   Gold

Vocal Music Results

Three Superior Ratings (3 Gold Medals):
-Steven Brymer: Vocal Solo, Mixed Eight, and Men’s Eight
-Ashton Lairmore: Vocal Solo, Girls Sextet, and Mixed Eight
-Megan Sly: Vocal Solo, Mixed Eight, and a Girl’s Trio
-Hannah Wells: Vocal Solo, Girls Sextet, and Girl’s Trio

Two Superior Ratings (2 Gold Medals):
-Noah Brous: Men’s Eight and Mixed Eight
-Katie Groves: Girl’s Sextet and Mixed Eight
-Logan Wynes: Men’s Eight and Mixed Eight

One Superior Rating (1 Gold Medal):
-Malachi Gorman: Men’s Eight
-Cody Guinn: Men’s Eight
-Miles Howell: Men’s Eight
-Noah Kellett: Men’s Eight
-Brenda Latamondeer: Mixed Eight
-Kile Thornhill: Men’s Eight

Two Superior Ratings and One Excellent Rating (2 Gold and 1 Silver Medal):
-Rachel Berry: Vocal Solo and Girls Trio (Gold) and Mixed Eight (Silver)
-Tristan Brown: Vocal Solo and Men’s Eight (Gold) and Mixed Eight (Silver)
-Max Wood: Men’s Eight and Mixed Eight (Gold) and Vocal Solo (Silver)

One Superior Rating and Two Excellent Ratings (1 Gold and 2 Silver):
-Wesley Zane: Men’s Eight (Gold), Mixed Eight (Silver), and Vocal Solo (Silver)

One Superior and One Excellent Rating (1 Gold and 1 Silver):
-Madisyn Klossing: Girls Sextet (Gold) and Mixed Eight (Silver)
-Isaac Jordan: Men’s Eight (Gold) and Mixed Eight (Silver)
-Payden Mendez: Men’s Eight (Gold) and Vocal Solo (Silver)
-Rigdn Sandul: Men’s Eight (Gold) and Mixed Eight (Silver)
-Savana Smith: Girl’s Sextet (Gold) and Mixed Eight (Silver)
-Karleigh Summers: Girl’s Sextet (Gold) and Mixed Eight (Silver)

One Superior Rating and One Good Rating (1 Gold and 1 Bronze)
-Christian Ellis: Men’s Eight (Gold) and Mixed Eight (Bronze)
-Aaron Scobee: Men’s Eight (Gold) and Mixed Eight (Bronze)

Two Excellent Ratings (2 Silver Medals):
-Ben Alexander: Men’s Six and Mixed Eight
-Kira Allen: Vocal Solo and Girl’s Sextet
-Katelynn Bell: Mixed Eight and Girl’s Eight
-Rian Blauvelt: Men’s Six and Mixed Eight
-Lydia Chapman: Girl’s Eight and Mixed Eight
-Emily Epperson: Mixed Eight and Vocal Solo
-Ariana Givens: Vocal Solo and Mixed Eight
-Ryan Mackey: Men’s Six and Mixed Eight
-Josh Martin: Men’s Six and Mixed Eight
-Chad Parker: Men’s Six and Mixed Eight

One Excellent Rating (1 Silver Medal):
-Carli Allen: Girl’s Eight
-Conner Brake: Mixed Eight
-Aidan Crawford: Mixed Eight
-Elisabeth Creech: Girl’s Sextet
-Andrea Dryden: Girl’s Sextet
-Zoe Famiano: Mixed Eight
-Camryn Iles: Mixed Eight
-Bethan Irons: Girl’s Eight
-Faith Nelson: Girl’s Sextet
-Ravin Paterson: Girl’s Sextet
-Danielle Pelak: Girl’s Eight
-Katie Rainey: Girl’s Eight
-Harrison Tate: Mixed Eight
-Gabby Trampler: Mixed Eight
-Parker Woods: Girl’s Sextet
-Jason Wright: Mixed Eight

One Excellent and One Good Rating ( 1 Silver and 1 Bronze Medal):
-Braylea Ewing: Girl’s Eight (Silver) and Mixed Eight (Bronze)
-Elena Hunter: Eight (Silver) and Mixed Eight (Bronze)
-Seth Wild: Men’s Eight (Silver) and Mixed Eight (Bronze)

One Good Rating (1 Bronze):
-Caleb Creech: Mixed Eight
-Mady McCrea: Mixed Eight
-Alanna Pederson: Mixed Eight

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