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Off The Field: Moncado Marches To Macy’s

We’ll step Off the Field to take a closer look at some of the Republic students who are competing in non-sports activities. Our report is brought to you by State Farm Agent Sarah Rader. Talk to her about how you can save money by combining your home and auto insurance.

by Olivia Skeans

Each year, the annual Macy’s Thanksgiving Day parade attracts an audience of some 50 million people. This year, one of Republic’s own will be performing in front of that audience.

Sophomore Maggie Moncado will be playing the tenor saxophone with the Macy’s Great American Marching Band in the Macy’s Parade. Only around 180 people nationwide were selected to participate, according to Moncado.

In order to be selected, the participants first had to audition. “I saw a Facebook post, I talked to some people about it, then did some research about it. I realized I wanted to audition,” says Moncado. “I had to show a music portion in which I did my districts solos and ensembles piece, which I got a 1 [gold rating] and went to state for, then I also did a marching section to show that I understood the marching aspect.”

Recordings of Moncado’s audition were sent to judges via mail and YouTube. The news that she had been selected came at just the right time, “I was actually having a really rough day when I found out that I made it, so I started crying. I was like, ‘Thank God I made it in here!’”

This summer, participants will receive a binder with copies of the music they will be performing at the parade. They will practice on their own until November and then will have a week prior Thanksgiving to prepare with the entire band.

Along with the parade, Moncado will also get to experience a little bit of New York City on her trip. “I think we get to go see Broadway and go sightseeing while we’re there, so that will be fun. We’ll get to march in the parade, and I think we will get to go to a performing center where they have Broadway shows and do a little marching band performance also. I’m really excited.”

You can find out more about the trip and Moncado’s fundraising effort at this website, or follow her journey on her Facebook group or an Instagram account set up for that purpose.

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