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Off The Field: Elementary Math Relays
McCulloch Elementary qualified more students for regionals than any other Republic school.

We’ll step Off the Field¬†to take a closer look at some of the Republic students who are competing in non-sports activities. Our report is brought to you by State Farm Agent Sarah Rader. Talk to her about how you can save money by combining your home and auto insurance.

Twenty-five Republic elementary students qualified for the regional math competition at the math contest in Republic Saturday. The contest at Price Elementary was one of 15 regional-qualifying events in Missouri this year.

McCulloch Elementary led the way with nine qualifiers, including a fifth-place finish in the team competition. Sweeny Elementary sent seven qualifiers to regionals.

Price’s Kara Goeke says her favorite part of math competition is being able to “hang with my friends and learn new math concepts.”

Goeke also plays basketball, and says the two types of competition are similar in some ways: “You have to work hard. You work with other people, and you have to have perseverence.”

Sweeny competitor Olivia Marcum says she enjoys the math competition as well. “It’s really fun being on math team, because I feel like I can just be smart and show it on paper,” she says.

Micah Rogers enjoys being challenged by the testing. “The most interesting part was some of the questions, on how well it challenged us, and how it was set up. It was done really well,” he says.”

Qualifiers will compete at the Southwest Missouri regional competition at Southwest Baptist University in Bolivar on March 10. The competition is organized by the Missouri Council of Teachers of Mathematics.

Number Sense
2nd place
Sam Howell, Sweeny
Andrew Badami, McCulloch
4th place
Holly Grauf, Schofield
Zachary Alexander, McCulloch
5th place
Julee Peterson, McCulloch

2nd place
Kenson Burke, Price
Cooper Pilkinton, Price
3rd place
Kaelyn Hall, Sweeny
4th place
Kara Goeke, Price
5th place
Ryan Roberson, Sweeny
Porter Bollinger, McCulloch

2nd place
Kenson Burke, Price
Anthony Badami, McCulloch
3rd place
Daniel Fair, McCulloch
4th place
Kaelyn Hall, Sweeny

5th place
McCulloch (Zachary Alexander, Brian Long, Daniel Fair, Jin Villasica)

2nd place
Kenson Burke, Price
4th place
Kaelyn Hall, Sweeny
Sam Howell, Sweeny

Regional Qualifiers


Landon Harper
Owen Klier


Anthony Badami
Julee Petersen
Jin Villasica
Daniel Fair
Zach Alexander
Andrew Badami
Porter Bollinger
Josie Coppedge
Brian Long

Kenson Burks
Cooper Pilkinton
Madison Cooper
Jadyn Venable

Holly Grauf
Miles Thomas
Annabelle Gerhardt

Allie Day
Kaelyn Hall
Emelia Hawks
Autumn Pedersen
Samuel Hall
Emma Johnson
Kinsey Owen

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