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Off The Field: FCCLA Life Skills Fair

Each week, we’ll step Off the Field to take a closer look at some of the Republic students who are competing in non-sports activities. Our weekly report is brought to you by State Farm Agent Sarah Rader. Talk to her about how you can save money by combining your home and auto insurance.

Some Republic high school students played a “game of life” at the Region 10 FCCLA Life Skills Fair this week on the campus of Missouri State University. The students went through different activities where, based on their income, they had to pick out insurance, transportation, housing, and take care of other “life choices.”

“It is supposed to be a simulation of what type of expenses they will incur once they hit real life,” says advisor Andrea Carter. “This is the first major event for the organization this school year. It is a way to collaborate with other schools and to learn good financial practices.”

First-year FCCLA student Conner Sutton has already seen the usefulness of what he’s gaining from FCCLA.

“So far, it’s learning how to make the right choices in life and be a leader and a good citizen,” Sutton says.

FCCLA students will participate in several “Star Events” over the course of the school year.

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