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Our winter schedules are searchable and sortable–by sport, by opponent, by location, or by anything else you can think of! Share this page with friends and family to help them plan which games they’ll attend.

Download the Chanute Tournament bracket here.

Download the Nixa Invitational schedule here.

Check out our tentative broadcast schedule for the season. We may add or subtract games, and if we do, we’ll make a note here.

Note: The Chanute tournament starts Thursday, but we won’t broadcast the Thursday game. Friday is tentatively planned for a broadcast game.

SportDate (Date Start)Opponent (Event)LevelLocationStart Time
Girls BasketballWed, Jan 2, 2019Nixa High School9th/J.V.Nixa6:00 PM
Girls BasketballWed, Jan 2, 2019Nixa High School9th/J.V.Nixa6:00 PM
Girls BasketballSat, Jan 5, 2019Hickman High SchoolVar/J.V.Republic1:00 PM
WrestlingSat, Jan 5, 2019Seneca JV TournamentJr. VarsitySeneca9:00 AM
Girls BasketballMon, Jan 7, 2019Neosho High School (Conf)9th/J.V./Var.Republic5:00 PM
Boys BasketballMon, Jan 7, 2019Lebanon JV TournamentJr. VarsityLebanonTBA
Boys BasketballTue, Jan 8, 2019Neosho High School9th/J.V./Var.Republic5:00 PM
WrestlingTue, Jan 8, 2019Neosho/CamdentonVar/J.V.Republic5:00 PM
Girls BasketballThu, Jan 10, 2019Carl Junction High School (Conf)9th/J.V./Var.Republic5:00 PM
Boys BasketballFri, Jan 11, 2019Carl Junction High School (Conf)9th/J.V./Var.Republic5:00 PM
WrestlingFri, Jan 11, 2019Rogers Heritage, ARVarsityRepublic5:00 PM
WrestlingSat, Jan 12, 2019Republic InvitationalVarsityRepublic9:30 AM
Boys BasketballMon, Jan 14, 2019Ozark Freshman Tournament9th GradeOzarkTBA
Boys BasketballTue, Jan 15, 2019Smith-Cotton High SchoolVar/J.V.Republic5:30 PM
Girls BasketballThu, Jan 17, 2019Nixa TournamentVarsityNixaTBA
Boys BasketballThu, Jan 17, 2019Ralph Miller ClassicVarsityChanute, KSTBA
WrestlingSat, Jan 19, 2019Kickapoo JV TournamentJr. VarsityKickapoo9:00 AM
Boys BasketballMon, Jan 21, 2019Ozark JV TournamentJr. VarsityOzarkTBA
Girls BasketballTue, Jan 22, 2019Glendale High School9th GradeRepublic6:00 PM
Boys BasketballTue, Jan 22, 2019Catholic High School9th/J.V./Var.Catholic5:00 PM
WrestlingTue, Jan 22, 2019Carl Junction/MarshfieldVar/J.V.Republic5:00 PM
WrestlingWed, Jan 23, 2019Parkview/Hillcrest/HollisterVar/J.V.Parkview5:00 PM
Girls BasketballTue, Jan 24, 2018Strafford High SchoolVar/J.V.Strafford6:00 PM
Boys BasketballThu, Jan 24, 2019Parkview High School9th GradeRepublic5:00 PM
Girls BasketballSat, Jan 26, 2019Oakville High School (HOF Classic)VarsityDrury5:30 PM
WrestlingSat, Jan 26, 2019COC Varsity TournamentVarsityOzark9:30 AM
Girls BasketballMon, Jan 28, 2019Branson High School (Conf)9th/J.V./Var.Branson5:00 PM
Boys BasketballTue, Jan 29, 2019Branson High School (Conf)9th/J.V./Var.Branson5:00 PM
WrestlingTue, Jan 29, 2019Kickapoo/NixaVar/J.V.Nixa5:30 PM
Girls BasketballThu, Jan 31, 2019Carthage High School (Conf)9th/J.V./Var.Carthage7:30 PM
Boys BasketballFri, Feb 1, 2019Carthage High School (Conf)9th/J.V./Var.Carthage5:00 PM
WrestlingFri, Feb 1, 2019Logan-Rogersville/Poplar BluffVar/J.V.Rogersville5:00 PM
WrestlingSat, Feb 2, 2019COC JV TournamentJr. VarsityRepublic9:30 AM
Girls BasketballTue, Feb 5, 2019Willard High School (Conf)9th/J.V./Var.Republic5:00 PM
Boys BasketballTue, Feb 5, 2019Willard High School (Conf)9th/J.V./Var.Republic4:30 PM
Girls BasketballThu, Feb 7, 2019Joplin High School (Conf)9th/J.V./Var.Republic5:00 PM
Boys BasketballFri, Feb 8, 2019Joplin High School (Conf)9th/J.V./Var.Republic5:00 PM
WrestlingFri, Feb 8, 2019District TournamentVarsityTBATBA
Girls BasketballMon, Feb 11, 2019Nixa High School (Conf)9th/J.V./Var.Republc5:00 PM
Boys BasketballTue, Feb 12, 2019Nixa High School9th/J.V./Var.Republic5:00 PM
Girls BasketballThu, Feb 14, 2019Webb City High School (Conf)9th/J.V./Var.Webb City5:00 PM
WrestlingThu, Feb 14, 2019State ChampionshipsVarsityColumbiaTBA
Boys BasketballFri, Feb 15, 2019Webb City High School (Conf)9th/J.V./Var.Webb City5:00 PM
Girls BasketballMon, Feb 18, 2019Ozark High School9th/J.V./Var.Ozark5:00 PM
Boys BasketballTue, Feb 19, 2019Ozark High School9th/J.V./Var.Ozark5:00 PM
Girls BasketballWed, Feb 20, 2019Logan-Rogersville High SchoolVar/J.V.Republic6:00 PM
Boys BasketballSat, Feb 23, 2019District TournamentVarsityTBATBA
Girls BasketballWed, Mar 6, 2019SectionalsVarsityTBATBA
Boys BasketballWed, Mar 6, 2019SectionalsVarsityTBATBA
Girls BasketballSat, Mar 9, 2019QuarterfinalsVarsityTBATBA
Boys BasketballSat, Mar 9, 2019QuarterfinalsVarsityTBATBA
Girls BasketballThu, Mar 14, 2019Final FourVarsityTBATBA
Boys BasketballThu, Mar 14, 2019Final FourVarsityMSUTBA
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